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Second Mortgage


There are many people who are not well aware of the fact as to what Second Mortgage exactly is. SECOND MORTGAGE is basically a home equity loan that allows property owners to have another mortgage for the same property without disturbing their First Mortgage. (Second mortgage is an alternative for Refinancing) Therefore, it is an additional Loan/Mortgage taken on a property that is already mortgaged. Just as Refinance, it is based on the accruing equity in the subject property. 


However, the biggest advantage of getting a second mortgage is that people with low credit scores are eligible for second mortgage as well.


Who can get Benefits of Second Mortgage:


1.  Borrowers who do not have to break first mortgage and pay penalties to the first lender.

2.  Borrowers may want to fix their credit while using second mortgage financing

3.  NO Credit , Bad Credit- No problem

4.  Self Employed, Un-employed, Un-approved Income

5.  Need Money immediately to pay off existing high interest rate debts

6.  Need money to pay for education, wedding or purchasing a property 


Your mortgage professional may advise you all the options and highly recommend you one of the options for you which suits your needs.


Raja Maan Team will be more than happy to serve you and weigh the costs and benefits to ensure that it makes financial sense for you.


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Raja Maan helped me to get mortgage on low rates even I had problem with my credit and I wasn't getting approve from last 2 years, I would to think Raja Mann team efforts to approve my mortgage. - Veer S


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