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Private Mortgages



Private mortgage is one of the best solutions to urgent and short term financial problems. Our team comprises of many private lenders who lend money at reasonable interest rates.


Benefits of Private Mortgage


1.   Financing available within 24 hours

2.   No Credit Check

3.   No Employment necessary


Why Need Private Mortgage?


Home Construction or Renovation

Self Employed Individuals Who cannot prove their income

When Bank refuse to approve mortgage financing

Income tax, Property or mortgage arrears

Still Under Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal



Your mortgage professional may advise you all the options and highly recommend you one of the options for you which suits your needs.


Raja Maan Team will be more than happy to serve you and weigh the costs and benefits to ensure that it makes financial sense for you.


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Raja Maan helped me to get mortgage on low rates even I had problem with my credit and I wasn't getting approve from last 2 years, I would to think Raja Mann team efforts to approve my mortgage. - Veer S


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